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Balanced: Unbreakable

Triple C: Summer Trailer

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Triple C: Radio Spots

AAN Presentation Intro

Triple C: Sponsored Article

Balanced Chiropractic: Unbreakable Video

Project Description

For Balanced Chiropractic's soon-to-be-released sponsored article, the goal was to create a cinematic closing video at the end of the article that was no longer than a minute. I used the footage taken by Eduardo Montes-Bradley and edited it to showcase all three athletes who had been interviewed and composed an ambient soundtrack to give it an abstract feel.

Triple C Camp: Summer Trailer 2014

Project Description

As a final push for camp registrations as well as a way to build excitement for campers already signed up, I worked with the Vibethink team to develop a summer trailer for the 2014 camp season. Having access to still photography, the team enlisted the help of Filament Productions to animate the stills. I worked with the team to storyboard the video, select the photography, select the song choice, and coordinate edits with Filament Productions.

Triple C Camp: Camper and Parent Interview Radio Spots

Project Description

The goal for Triple C's radio ads was to show the exciting side of camp from the campers' perspectives and also the developmental side from the parents' perspectives in 60 seconds. I scripted out the camp directors' lines, drafted questions for the campers and parents, and scheduled the interviews with the directors, parents, and campers. During the interviews I worked with the campers and parents to bring out their excitement and love for the camp. After the interviews were completed, I edited the full audio down to capture the best sections and then worked with the Charlottesville Radio Group to finalize each of the 7 different commmercials.

AAN Presentation Intro

Project Description

Because of the collaboration between C-Ville Weekly and Vibethink on the multimedia article The Road, C-Ville and Vibethink were asked to speak at the Association of Alternative Newsmedia conference in January 2014. I created a minute-long introduction video for the presentation that would show that these multimedia articles were the future for alt weeklies. I used a screen scrolling extension and screen capture to get video footage of multimedia articles starting with Snowfall and ending with "The Road." To make it an exciting start to the presentation, I selected an upbeat, smart song with a touch of inspiration for the video and timed the transitions accordingly.

Triple C: "How Camp Changed My Life" Sponsored Article

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Project Description

In order to tell the story of how Triple C was affecting campers' lives even outside of camp, I worked with a team to develop a sponsored article that would be promoted on C-Ville Weekly's website. The goal of the article was to provide an emotionally engaging story about two campers' lives during and after Triple C that spoke to the benefits of traditional camp in general. While the article served as a promotion for Triple C, the focus was first and foremost the story. I collaborated with freelance writer Shea Gibbs and the Vibethink team to outline the story and develop the multimedia elements that would best further the narrative, including photo sliders, reference links, videos, and pull quotes. The article received more than 1,000 views with an average time on page of over 5:00 and over 350 social shares.


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